Our Works

1. Development of a technology for the production of soda ash
from natural sulphate raw materials.

2. Development of technology for synthesis of low-toxic urea-formaldehyde resin.

3. Improving the stage of obtaining cyclohexanone in the production of caprolactam.

4. Development of technology for the production and application of glyoxal derivatives.

5. Development of recommendations for changing the technology
of production of zeolites of the type NaX-BSO in order to improve product quality.

6. Development of recommendations for changing the technology for the production of microporous silica gels in order to improve product quality.

Pilot unit for the production of phenothiazine synthesis
Soda obtaining technology development (Altai region, 2019)
7. An analytical review of the methods and technological modes of separation of emulsions. Development of separation modes at the pilot industrial level.

8. Development of manufacturing technology of metal-organic framework adsorbents.

9. Development of a technology for the production of high-strength adhesive for rubber articles.

10. Development of construction and test equipment for a thermochemical oxygen generator for emergency oxygen blocks.

11. Development of a manufacturing technology for ozone decomposition catalyst.

12. Development of the composition and industrial implication of the anti-freezing reagent for coal.

13. Development of silica gel with resistance to drip moisture.

14. Development of a technology for the mechanical unloading of heterogeneous cellulose triacetate.
Obtaining an experimental batch of an organometallic polymer (Tomsk Region, Tomsk, 2018)
Development of the technology for production
and separation of methyl ethyl ketone (Tomsk, 2019)
15. Optimization of dioctyl adipate production in order to increase its productivity without reducing product quality.

16. Optimization of the process of producing aluminum sulfate from salt slag.

17. Scaling and pilot testing of technologies for raw materials processing to soda-sulfate mixtures.

18. Development of a technology for the production of epichlorohydrin from 1,2-dichloropropane.

19. Development of industrial design documentation for non-standard technological equipment of the pilot plant for the production of epichlorohydrin.

20. Feasibility study on the implementation of the technology for obtaining MEK by BBF oxidation.

21. Development of the technological part for the design of the technology of hydrodecyclization of light gas oil catalytic cracking at a pressure of 7.0 MPa.
22. Development of process technology for the production of oxosynthesis products from ethylene containing «dry gas» of catalytic cracking.

23. Scaling technology and production of an experimental batch of phenothiazine.

24. Scaling of technologies and production of pilot batches of catalysts and sorbents.

25. Development of a thermochemical oxygen generator for emergency oxygen units to ensure breathing
of passengers of the oxygen system of aircraft.

26. Development of a catalytic decomposition unit for ozone in an air conditioning system.

27. Production of humic fertilizers from weathered coal. Technology selection.

28. Development of a method for producing rosin esters with specified physicochemical parameters. Pilot batch production.
1. The production of an experimental batch of polyhexene by deep conversion.

2. Piloting of the processes for the production of acrylic acid from propane, an anti-turbulent additive, special plasticizers.

3. The production of an experimental batch of a copolymer of lactic and glycolic acids.

4. Production and testing of pilot batches of plasticizers.

5. Production of a pilot batch of catalyst.
Plant for synthesis and testing of pilot batches of plasticizers (Tomsk region, Tomsk, 2017)

1. Inspection and assessment of the production potential of drying ovens.

2. Survey of the production site and assessment of the potential to create a waste disposal complex
for the production of cardboard on the site.

3. Technical audit of the distillery.

4. Preliminary technological inspection of the cement plant to make suggestions on improving the efficiency and optimization of production and technological processes.

5. Development of technical documentation for the production of granular catalysts for the dehydrogenation of C4-C5 paraffins in a stationary layer.

6. Technical audit of cable production in order to reduce the cost of production.

7. Technical re-equipment. Fire retardant production site.

8. Preparation of technical data for the development of a module for simulating a student's professional
activity in a virtual production environment of a chemical-biological profile.

9. Development of a technological-mathematical model of a plant for producing iron bromide.

10. Development of a complex mathematical model of extractive distillation processes in a distillation column. Recommendations for optimizing the design and operating modes.

11. Engineering and scientific support for the organization of the production of biodegradable materials and related products from grain.

Production site survey. General view of polymer waste (Tula region, Alexin, 2017)
Enterprise production site survey and capacity assessment for creating a waste disposal complex for the cardboard production at the site (Tula region, Alexin, 2017)
1. The study of alternative catalysts for the process of dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene.

2. Development of physicochemical principles of the technology for producing anodized oxide films
on indium antimonide and arsenide for highly sensitive MIS structures.

3. Development of new catalysts for liquid-phase oxidation of hydrocarbons to valuable oxygen-containing products.

4. The study of the features of granulation of paraffin dehydrogenation catalysts by extrusion.

5. Experimental testing of alternative organic synthesis catalysts.

6. Experimental testing of new gas chromatographic analysis techniques.

7. Investigation of the chemisorption properties of regenerative products based on alkali metal peroxides
for the human respiratory protection system.

8. Development of a method for the synthesis of phenothiazine.

9. Development of a method for the synthesis of thioglycolic acid.

10. Development of technology for self-propagating high-temperature
synthesis of silicon nitride.

11. Development of laboratory technology for producing silver-coated copper microparticles.

12. Development of a method for modifying mullite-corundum mixtures with nanodispersed ceramic materials.

Tests of resistance of a ceramic pipe and basalt fiber to fumarole gases.

14. The study of modifying additives to increase the effectiveness of acidic detergents.

15. The study of samples of polymeric materials in order to determine the composition and properties.

16. Development of flame retardant materials for polymer compounds.

17. Improvement of the production technology of a selfactivating thermal indicator.

18. The study of the properties of the chemical absorber.

19. The study of the chemical composition of the sample process fluid.

20. Determination of optimal centrifugation modes for special equipment.

21. Conducting sanitary-epidemiological and toxicological studies of household chemicals.

22. Conducting comprehensive studies of the density, phase and chemical composition of samples of nanostructured alloys.
Development of vanillin production process (Tomsk region, Tomsk, 2018)
1. Marketing research of mineral fertilizers of the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts (Russia).

2. Marketing and technological research of the triethylene glycol dimethacrylic ester market.

3. Preliminary technical and economic assessment of the prospects for the organization of production
of carbamide resins.

4. Investigation of the glyoxal and its derivatives market.

5. Research of the Russian flame retardant market.

6. Elaboration of a business plan for the production of halogen-free flame retardants.

7. Elabaration of a development strategy for the federal state enterprise «Kamensky Combine» in the markets for civilian products for the period 2020-2030.
1. Development of a method for the disposal of water-salt solutions for the purification of sodium salt of carboxymethyl cellulose.

2. The rationale for the processing of by-product «Alcohol fraction of caprolactam».

3. Recommendations for the disposal of sulfate effluents.

4. Development and scientific and technical support of the technology for clarification of wash water of gold mining enterprises.

5. Selection of a highly effective and environmentally friendly binder for dust suppression at a slag dump.

6. Feasibility study for a pilot plant for waste disposal.

7. Development of a technology for processing waste products of hydrochloric leaching of kaolin ores to obtain silica gel.

8. Elaboration of a technological-mathematical model of a sewage treatment plant.
Dust suppression tests (The Republic of Kazakhstan,
Aktobe, 2018)
1. Development of technology for the preparation of the finished dosage form Dexketoprofen tablets & solution.

2. Development and validation of the TLC methodology for the analysis of the Pentamine drug for extraneous impurities.

3. Development and validation of ethanol and benzyl alcohol analysis methods of Ketoprofen.

4. Development of methods for the analysis of Celecoxib capsules.

5. Review of scientific papers on the results of preclinical studies of the reference drug Chlorpromazine and a summary of them.

6. Development of melittin production from raw bee venom and methods for its analysis.

7. Review of preclinical studies of the drug Sibazon for the preparation of the registration dossier.

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