Production organization support

Production organization support
The Engineering Chemical Technology Center provides a full range of services to support the organization of chemical production: from the selection of the optimal technology and support for passing the examination to monitoring the implementation of the project at a specific site. The customer can choose the interaction model that suits him the best way: EPCM, EPC, PMC.
Our capabilities include:
  • Selection and transfer of technology and support of the licensing process.
  • Adaptation of technology to the site and raw materials.
  • Development of a roadmap and support of the examination process (expertize, HAZOP etc).
  • Support and control of the development of design and financial documentation.
  • Organization of control of procurement procedures and supply of materials and equipment.
  • Carrying out installation supervision and commissioning of equipment.
  • General supervision of the construction of the facility and its commissioning..
  • If necessary, staff training.
+ In addition, we can help in the development of options for the disposal of industrial waste.
Each new chemical production project is unique. The choice of the scheme of interaction with contractors and project support depends on your goals and available resources. Competencies of ECT Center allow to compensate for the lack of experience of the customer company, which will help to avoid a number of typical mistakes when organizing or modernizing chemical production.
Support according to the EPCM model (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)
Suitable for chemical enterprises that have their own technologists to coordinate technical solutions and specialists to control the work of contractors. In practice, it is usually used when it comes to the construction of large production facilities.

This model implies a flexible approach to project management. You can make changes to the design of the project at any stage, adjust the strategy for its implementation. In the EPCM model, it is convenient to attract professional companies from various fields - design and construction.
The customer chooses the main contractor, who at the first stage will close the technical issues and provide an economic justification, and also is capable of providing detailed engineering. At the second stage, he will carry out detailed design according to the approved technology, select suppliers of materials and equipment, that is, in the future he will control the implementation of the project in full.
The main advantages of this model are:

  • The costs will (probably) be less because the responsibility is shared among the project participants, contractors do not need to hedge their risks.
  • An offer from a service provider is formed faster, on average by several months.
  • You can manage changes at any stage to achieve the desired design and construction quality.
The first and main disadvantage of the model is that it requires a strongly qualified team on the client side to coordinate the actions of the parties. Untimely clarification, incorrect formulation of requirements can lead to loss of quality and extension of deadlines. The EPCM option is the best choice if you have full knowledge of the technology of the processes being implemented.
EPC support (engineering, procurement, construction)
In Russia, this is usually understood as the organization of production or the construction of a turnkey facility, often with a fixed price. The participation of the customer in the project is limited (as all the necessary competencies are not available), there is one contact person (in fact, one interface) through which the interaction takes place. The general contractor of works bears all risks and financial responsibility.

The EPC contractor must have all the necessary knowledge for an accurate assessment of costs and risks, and sufficient experience in integrating procurement and construction work. At the same time, the project implementation timeframe may be longer due to the fact that the contractor needs to form the optimal price, taking into account current and forecast market and pricing data. Although construction in this case can be started earlier, before the full completion of design work.

After the conclusion of a contract for a fixed amount of work and the approval of the estimate, the general contractor assumes full responsibility for the implementation of the project. From this point on, all new wishes and requirements of the customer may entail additional costs. All technical requirements should be agreed as much as possible at the initial stage. That is, the production technology must be fully tested and "packaged".

The advantages of such a strategy are obvious - one contractor is responsible for engineering, design, supply, equipment and construction (except for the client's direct obligations to provide infrastructure and lay utilities, purchase raw materials). The cost of the project can be 20-30% higher compared to the EPCM option (because the contractor takes the risks and includes them in the price).
Support according to the PMC model (Project Management Contract)
It is still a rare form of interaction within the framework of the organization of production in Russia. In this case, the contractor assumes the functions of control by the customer for individual iterations: selection of technology, design, tendering, procurement of materials and equipment, construction, etc. as an external organization or provides the client with its experts in the team.

The approach is interesting in that it allows client to close the problematic points of the project in the shortest possible time and at the best price, paying for individual operations. For example, you want to delegate design functions to one contractor, project management to another, or divide the entire process even more fractionally. That is, you take responsibility for the result and risks, while coordinating the participants yourself.

In principle, all these project support models can be combined to achieve an optimal and efficient result.

We help organize production from a sheet, launch additional production of a chemical product, increase the assortment, replace chemical raw materials purchased abroad, restore lost production or technology in the optimal time frame.
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