ECT Center offers professional services in the development of technical documentation for chemical industry, the development of a high effective strategy (especially in the field of low-tonnage chemistry), targeted marketing consulting, and a feasibility study of investments. We help to optimize production processes taking into account real economic conditions.

Development of technological documentation

Each stage in the organization of chemical production requires confirmed documentary evidence and calculations to verify assumptions. The Engineering Center provides comprehensive support for this process.
Our services include:
Development of a production strategy for chemical enterprises
Selection of the best available technologies for the organization of production
Business case calculation and feasibility study (pre-FEED) - joint marketing and technology research
Market analysis (taking into account the geography of location, availability of raw materials, energy resources, competitive environment, etc.)
Preliminary calculation and assessment of the economic feasibility of production
Feasibility study of investments
Development of basic design documentation
As an additional option, it is possible to conduct patent research and help in protecting intellectual property.
Marketing Analysis
We do statistical, semantic and technical analysis in relation to specific chemical products and processes. We analyze the markets taking into account the relevant professional chemical specifics. You can be sure that you will get a practical result, and not columns of numbers and graphs "just for the show".
Our marketing and technology research is based on the analysis of the best available technologies, data acquisition using free and paid sources, first-hand information, field research, surveys.
We use the methods of descriptive statistics, inductive statistics, allowing to create models and make forecasts, methods that allow to work not only with quantitative, but also with qualitative data.

As a result, our client receives several options for a strategy for entering the market and / or implementing a promising production technology with a calculation of risks (and mitigation issues). It is possible to develop a full-fledged strategy for the development of a chemical enterprise with answers to the questions "what?" and most importantly "how?" to do to increase competitiveness, to modernize and increase production volumes.
The Engineering Center has extensive experience in surveying chemical industries, identifying strengths and weaknesses and selecting technically, technologically and economically optimal options based on in-depth analysis.
Feasibility study
This is the most important stage on the way of a chemical product to the market. FS consists of the development of conceptual documents that determine the possibility of a particular production & business direction. A feasibility study is a guide for deciding whether or not to be a production facility.

It generally includes a detailed analysis of the proposed facility in terms of technology (with the study of the technology itself, main equipment, infrastructure, etc.), economics (estimation of the financial and economic model, cost recovery, taking into account the cost of money, labor, taxes etc.).
Development of basic design and working design documentation
The basic design data is a set of documentation for the subsequent development of design estimates (DED) with a full calculation of technological and economic effects (basic project, FEED).

The development of basic design in our team is done by engineers and technologists with experience in leading chemical enterprises in Russia.

Basic design dataset in general includes following:
Full and detailed description of the entire production process
Safety regulations
Basic layout
Technological maps with control points and control parameters
Feasibility study of the project
Data on emissions, effluents, waste disposal
Materials for equipment, selection criteria, sources
Basic requirements for equipment and its placement
Material, heat, energy flows
Emergency Response Standards
The list of demanded works also includes the development of design documentation for the manufacture of the necessary equipment for a chemical enterprise. This process requires the joint participation of a mechanical engineer and a process engineer. They develop technological solutions and turn them into a set of ready-made drawings.
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