Engineering Chemical Technological Сenter

Modern engineering solutions for your business. Beneficial integration of science, chemical technologies and production in a reasonable timeframe.
Effective solutions for any objectives of your business: from R&D to acceptance tests and low-burden production. Integrated optimization of production processes, considering current market situation, instead of single scientific or technological "recipes".

Full range of engineering services

From idea to industrial introduction. Successful experience in the implementation of dozens of projects. Scientific and engineering approach to solving specific business problems. Professional calculation of project economics. Flexible payment policy.


More than 200 developments

More than 200 developments in our portfolio. Affiliate access to scientific base, equipment and software of leading universities and specialized institutes throughout Russia. Experimental production sites in Tomsk and Novosibirsk, partner sites in Kazan and Kemerovo.

Short response time

Short response time for incoming requests of the industry. You receive the response within two days. The commercial offer will be ready within 10 days. Optimal terms of project realization and guaranteed result.

ИХТЦ образован при поддержке ТГУ, Минобрнауки и Минпромторг
ECTС was founded in 2014 with the participation of the National Research Tomsk State University, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
In Tomsk and Novosibirsk
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Alexey Knyazev
CEO, Dr. Sci.
phone +7 (3822) 909-969
Kirill Kolkov
CTO (Technical Director)
phone +7 (3822) 909-969
Ilya Mazov
CDO (Director of Development), Ph.D.
phone +7 (383) 373-20-43
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+7 (3822) 909-969

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